Military cards

Russo-Japanese War of 1904 to 1905 The Great Victory of Japan “Banzai” FEB 7, 1904 The Battle of Chemulpo Bay was a naval battle on 9 February 1904, off the coast of present-day Incheon, Korea. The opening stage of the war began with a pre-emptive strike by the Imperial Japanese Navy against the Russian Pacific Fleet spread among Port Arthur, Vladivostok, and Chemulpo Bay. Command of the Japanese ChemulpoContinue reading “Military cards”


Here are some distinctive styles of “POST CARD”. Otherwise, try my Publishers’ Initials Logos and Series page. Carlo Bassani Blum & Degen Golike & Wilburg Knackstedt & Näther K&N produced cards for a number of Scandinavian publishers in a distinctive font and wording. Source: Famgus Vykort Lichtenstern & Hariri PB, Harlesden, London N.W. Trenkler ValentineContinue reading ““POST CARD” Clues”

The Biograph Studio, London

THE BIOGRAPH STUDIO 107 REGENT STREET W. The Biograph Studio, photographic printing studio, 107 Regent Street. London, W. The American Mutoscope Company was incorporated in New Jersey on December 30, 1895. The firm manufactured the Mutoscope and made flip-card movies for it as a rival to Edison’s Kinetoscope for individual “peep shows”, making the companyContinue reading “The Biograph Studio, London”

Unusual cards

Stereo Views Fabric Wolff Hagelberg of Berlin published unusual cards including a Christmas card decrorated with felt flowers. Giant Cards Before 1918 ETW Dennis of Scarborough published a series of Giant View Cards, a massive 12.4 by 9 inches. John Tilley of Ledbury printed and published a series of Giant Photo-Cards, 8 by 11 inches,Continue reading “Unusual cards”

Postcard from the Bund

I came across this correspondence card soon after I began to collect undivided-backs in September 2016. It has the printed wording: Imprimerie Israélite 81, Rue de Carouge, à GENÈVE It was postally used in Plainpalais Geneva on 15 March 1905 when it was sent to Herr A Katz at 15iii University Street, Zurich. Translated fromContinue reading “Postcard from the Bund”

Directory E

Arthur Eckerlein Lindau, Bavaria, Germany. Aufnahme u. Verlag: Arthur Eckerlein, Hofphotograph, Lindau. Arthur Eckerlein, Royal Court photographer and publisher, Paradiesplatz, Lindau where his telephone number was 134 and then 334. Lindau is a major town and island on the eastern side of Lake Constance/Bodensee. Eckerlein published studio portraits as cabinet cards. His cartes de visitesContinue reading “Directory E”