Peacock Brand

Peacock Brand and bird illustration were first used in December 190020 by the Pictorial Stationery Company Limited (qv).

There are three categories of card:

1 The three digit series

These are tinted photographs of England and Wales. The place names are largely in red and the reverses started in brown but soon became green – and very similar to Stengel’s. The earliest postmark on my card is August 1901. All were printed in Saxony. Another example is one they published for J F Beale of Bournemouth.

2 Passepartout cards

These are charming art nouveau frames with purple and green flowers against a cloth-effect background. The photographs of London and the south of England are in black and white. My cards are numbered from 1000 and have the suffix L. All were printed in Brunswick.

3 The Monochrome cards

These cards have numbers greater than 3000. They are monochrome photo topographicals. Black and white photographs have the suffix B.

This user in 1905 has added his own division of the address side.

Blue images have the suffix G. The earliest postal use was July 1902. All were printed in Hamburg.

One might conclude that the various series were published at much the same time as each other.

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