Unusual cards

Stereo Views

This card was sent to H J Northcott in Sheerness in June 1904.


This Reutlinger photograph is framed in a coarse fabric.
The wording and the fact that M Reutlinger was French point to this being a French card.

Wolff Hagelberg of Berlin published unusual cards including a Christmas card decrorated with felt flowers.

Giant Cards

Before 1918 ETW Dennis of Scarborough published a series of Giant View Cards, a massive 12.4 by 9 inches.

John Tilley of Ledbury printed and published a series of Giant Photo-Cards, 8 by 11 inches, of aerial photographs of Ledbury.

Foulsham & Banfield were a Photographic studios active from about 1906 to 1930, at 95 Wigmore Street (1906 to 1907), 2 Little Bruton Street (from 1908) and Old Bond Street, London (also from 1908). They were founded by Frank Foulsham and A C Banfield.

William Waller Lewis (3 November 1860 to 1 November 1915), known on stage as Lewis Waller, was an English actor and theatre manager, well known on the London stage and in the English provinces.

This Rotary Photographic Series Book Post Giant Card is 10.6 by 5.5 inches.

Miniature Cards

D C Thomson gave away very small cards with their Red Letter magazine.

Panoramic cards

  • Marcel Delboy, Édit., Bordeaux M.D. édit

Jacques Marcel Delboy (1882 to1941) 39. rue de la Rouselle, Bordeaux, France, photographer and postcard editor. Delboy published his work as black & white collotype postcards and souvenir booklets. Some of his cards were hand-coloured. He later used Delboy and Yobled (Delboy in reverse) logos and published cards of his photographs of places as far away as Laroque-Timbaut, a town 140 kilometers south-west of Bordeaux.

In 1905 the French physical culture magazine La Culture Physique featured American muscle-man Bobby Pandour (1876 to 1920) albeit with the wrong spelling (‘Pendour’). About that time “J Delboy” of Bordeaux published a postcard of Polish-born Pandour (real name Wladyslaw Kurcharczyk) with the caption Bobby Pandur Le Roi de la Beauté Plastique (King of Body-Sculpting). Delboy did not claim to be the photographer of the Pandour in his trade-mark fig-leaf.

This card is 28 by 11 cm and was presumably used in the same way as the American card below.

Sources: Cartes postales anciennes LAROQUE-TIMBAUT (Lot & Garonne); Sandow Plus

This card: Les Allees de Tourny et le Cours du 30 Juillet. Leon and Levy and Neurdein also published their own photographs of this scene.

Leon & Levy (qv) published this panoramic of Le Pont de Pierre (28 by 11 cm). Commissioned by Napoleon, this elegant bridge has 17 spans enabling it to cross the River Garonne.


David McLellan Imlay, (24 April, 1862 to 18 January 1939). Imlay’s Little Musee business in Spokane, Washington state dealt in a wide range of products:

Curios, Souvenirs, Shells and Shell Goods, Shell and Wire Jewelry, Specialties in Chains, Charms, Rings, Brooches, Bracelets, Stick-Pins, and Coin-Bracelets. Fine Line of Stone Charms, Lodge Emblems etc. Your name engraved on aluminum novelties, or written in gold wire while you wait. Questions courteously answered and no one asked to buy. Call and examine, or write for prices. Goods by mail and satisfaction guarantee. Cor. Post and Main, South of P.O. SPOKANE, WASH

THE LITTLE MUSEE D M Imlay advertising mirror

This panoramic (10⅞ by 3716 inches) bears the instructions: Write on back of this card only your name and address. Put rubber band around folded card, Written messages require postage at letter rates. One cent postage all over the world. It was produced for Imlay by well-known San Francisco publisher Edward Mitchell (qv).

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