Unusual cards

Stereo Views

This card was sent to H J Northcott in Sheerness in June 1904.


This Reutlinger photograph is framed in a coarse fabric.
The wording and the fact that M Reutlinger was French point to this being a French card.

Wolff Hagelberg of Berlin published unusual cards including a Christmas card decrorated with felt flowers.

Giant Cards

Before 1918 ETW Dennis of Scarborough published a series of Giant View Cards, a massive 12.4 by 9 inches.

John Tilley of Ledbury printed and published a series of Giant Photo-Cards, 8 by 11 inches, of aerial photographs of Ledbury.

Foulsham & Banfield were a Photographic studios active from about 1906 to 1930, at 95 Wigmore Street (1906 to 1907), 2 Little Bruton Street (from 1908) and Old Bond Street, London (also from 1908). They were founded by Frank Foulsham and A C Banfield.

William Waller Lewis (3 November 1860 to 1 November 1915), known on stage as Lewis Waller, was an English actor and theatre manager, well known on the London stage and in the English provinces.

This Rotary Photographic Series Book Post Giant Card is 10.6 by 5.5 inches.

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