Initials Logos and Series

There are some distinctive backs featured on my “POST CARD” Clues page. There is further but less-useful information on the Unsolved page.

I have removed the punctuation from the wording on the cards. &s have been ignored.

David Schofield’s excellent site Publishers’ logos on old postcards will help identify the publisher from the logo for European postcards dating before 1939, concentrating on publishers who were not exclusively producing topographic postcards.

On the cardPublisher
PHOT A B & Co. NANCY in a roundelBergeret
A B à Versailles
ACS unsolved
AHH in a rectangular box? Heintz-Jadoul
monogram: A above L
Monogram of A bisected by L in the corner of the photographs of Italian cards unsolved
A & M BAlbrecht & Meister
AMAGAlbrecht & Meister
AN ParisNoyer
AP in a circle
Cormault & Papeghin
red anchor between the
Post and Card
AS with fleur de lys between them A Saint-Just
ASM [monogram of A & S
intertwined above M]
ATC unsolved
Auty Series GH WHastings
A V KbhVincent
BAJ Dresdenunsolved
BF over CBraune Franssen
BFC over JHBBraune Franssen
BF ParisBerthaud Brothers
BF CHALON-s-SAONEBourgeois Brothers
BJC Parisunsolved
BKWIKohn Brothers
B M & CoBudtz Muller
B & R in MBeger & Roekel
CA & Co logoCarl Andelfinger & Cie, Munich
‘Castle’ SeriesGeorge Stewart
CGLCarl Garte
CJKVS Josef Kasseroller
CLC with or without complex anchor logo with intertwined initials J D and a superimposed C on the anchor. L’Hopital
CM with or without ParisMalcuit
CM Edit a St-CloudMaindron
Collection Ideale PSSatragno
“La CPA” ParisCarte Postale Artistique
CPIColumbia Polytechnic Institute
CPNComptoir de Phototypie
Crescent Seriesunsolved
C StStenders
CT & Cie a GClement Tournier & Co
CTCo monogram CHICAGOCurt Teich
CTK [monogram in scalloped
Carl Kunzli-Tobler
CVCVan Cortenbergh
DRGMDeutsches Reiches Gebrauchs
Musterschutz –
German protected patent design
DT, EditTrenkler
DT Edit LourdesDe Torres
DT EditeurDe Torres
DVDvan Dantzig
eagle landing on a pedestal surmounting 31253 logo Gluckstadt & Munden
eagle in flight above a shield of the stars and stripesIllustrated Post Card Company NY
Ed Helio BF ALGERBerthaud Brothers
Ed VG BruxellesV Gregoire
EB & EEly, Boynton & Ely
E B E CoEly, Boynton & Ely
EFA SERIESExcelsior Fine Art Publishing Co
EGE Gregoire
EH edit., St BriencE Hamonic
EL PhotE Lacour
ELD ParisLe Deley
EN EditEmile Nourry
EPG Gerlach
ER ParisE Rabus
ERIKAPaul Suess AG
in or without lion logo
Edgar Schmidt
EV à BEmile Veeck
FB above G or GlBauermeister
FF & CoFrankel & Co
FM in the stamp box.French military authorities distributed stamped envelopes and correspondence cards free of charge to the forces. one here
FR with or without CannesRobaudy
F & Sunsolved
FS & CFrans Svanström
FT editeurunsolved
FT SeriesFergusson
Imp FWH & CoHasselblad
GB & Co LondonGiesen Brothers
G D & D L monogram in 6-pointed starGottschalk, Dreyfuss & Davis Company Limited
GF in an open oval Christie
GHGunder Hagen
GH EDHermans
GH WHastings
GL Co monogramLiersch
GMGeorge Marchand
[H]J Hassall
HBWinitials attributed to Lance Thackeray by Tucks
Ed Helio BF ALGERBerthaud Brothers
HG & Co ZH. Guggenheim
HLMLe Maillot
HM monogramHauser & Menet
HM & CoHenry Moss & Co
HM UccleLeontine Dobrecourt
HN a ANacken
HSM monogram on the address side above Winternachte 4 DessSonntag
H v d M logo in shieldvan der Moolen
H y M -M Hauser & Menet
Brown logo of globe with eagle landing on it, and sash with IAPCOLTD on it and handful of reeds.International Art Publishing Co
Collection Ideale, PSSatragno
ID 1827 MDaziaro
JA & CoAlderton
Eneret JFFredrikson
JFAB M10Amonn
JNAJoseph Nuss
JW & SWelch
K & B DKoch & Bitriol
KF in palette with brushes surmounted by Paris with EDITEURS & ARTS belowKunzli Freres Paris
“Knox” SeriesWilliam J Hay
Kopal Koch & Palm
L’H ParisL’Hoste
L & H CairoLichtenstern & Hariri
three leaf clover logo with the letters L, K and F in the leaves
Ludwig Klement
LLLeon & Levy
LLBLeon & Levy
LS above B in a shieldSaalfeld
ENERET M & CoMittet & Co
MF ParisMaison Fleurmont
M & Co., Ltdunsolved
M & L GMillar & Lang
MM over LMehner & Maas
MM VienneMarkus Munk
MNCo in painter’s paletteMetropolitan News Company
MP Madrid MP Madrid
MSJMader & Springer
MTBM T Bassani
MTIL logo with each letter in a different leaf of a four-leaf clover
MT above ILTesson
MV inside C unsolved
National SeriesMillar & Lang
ND photNeurdein
N & ONenke & Ostermaier
NPGNeue Photographische Gesellschaft
NRM unsolved
Serie OBBartholome
OPF Osnabrück Paper Factory
OVS Bruxellesvan Stalle
OZ above M in a shield held by a male figure in a cassock decorated with a crossZieher
PA logo with flowerPeter Alstrup
PB unsolved
P & C AthenesPallis & Kotzias
PDPaul Dupré
P & F either side of a winged cross with B below itFinkenrath
PFC unsolved
PH in triangle with curved sides Photochemie
Ph M unknown producer of Sulzer‘s cards
PLM edit CannesMaillan
PM & Co with or without London or LPascalis, Moss
PP above A Pittier
PP above Csee L’Hoste
PPP artist’s initialsunsolved
“PREMIER” PICTURE POST CARD Premier SeriesWilliam Lyon
Collection Ideale, PSSatragno
PS a DPaul Suess AG
PS & Co, Box 1205, Cape TownPaul Schaefer
PS & V LewishamPerkins
PVK above Z on its own or in a shield
Kunzli Zurich
red cross surmounted by curtains and a crown Golike and Wilburg
Reliable SeriesWm Ritchie
R & JDRommler & Jonas
R & KRegel & Krug
R & L in much larger M in a circleReiner & Lippacher
RN Vienna Neuber
RPH monogram on its own or in a circle Rotophot
RPISociété de Reproduction Photographique Industrielle
RR logo in a castle with two turrets
Reinicke & Rubin
SPA Salon de Paris Association
St & CStenders
St & Co a D Stengel
SBW in clover leafBluh
SEcD Sallo Epstein
SIPSociete Industrielle de Photographie
SOUVERAIN Winkler & Schorn
solid five point star in the corner of the photograph and on the address side beside a series numberPiprot
S&T CT in a logo of overlapping trianglesSchaefer & Traill
T in scalloped logo Trenkler
Thistle logo unsolved
logo of T with elaborate P intertwinedPaul Trabert
Editions “Trianon”Paul Suess AG
tulip logoNuss
van Brutzel
VED hand-written in bottom corner of monochrome photographErnult-Doncq
Ed VG BruxellesV Gregoire
V & JC GibraltarCumbo
VP with or without ParisPorcher
Vve Ed MMme Marchand
VW monogram logo of intertwined initials in circle above a four-digit number Wiechmann
WAB monogram Registered Trade Mark inside a circleAtlee Burpee
WH monogram in shieldHagelbWerg
WHSW H Smith & Son
WJHEWilliam J Hay
W & K Wildt & Kray
Woodbury SeriesEyre & Spottiswoode
XX unsolved
For further but less useful information, see Unsolved

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