The Religious Tract Society, London

The Religious Tract Society was a British evangelical Christian organization founded in 1799 and known for publishing a variety of popular religious and quasi-religious texts in the 19th century. The society engaged in charity as well as commercial enterprise, publishing books and periodicals for profit. The idea for the society came from the Congregationalist minister George Burder, whoContinue reading “The Religious Tract Society, London”

Samuel Cupples Envelope Company

St Louis, Missouri, USA Samuel Cupples (13 September 1831 to 6 January 1912) was one of the 13 children of James and Elizabeth Cupples who emigrated from County Down, Ireland. His father established a school in Pittsburgh but it is said that Cupples had very little formal education. At the age of 15, Cupples leftContinue reading “Samuel Cupples Envelope Company”

Military cards

Lord Methuen Field Marshal Paul Sanford Methuen, 3rd Baron Methuen, GCB, GCMG, GCVO, DL (1 September 1845 to 30 October 1932) was a British Army officer. He served in the Third Anglo-Ashanti War in 1873 and then in the expedition of Sir Charles Warren to Bechuanaland in the mid-1880s. He took a prominent role as General Officer Commanding the 1st Division in the Second Boer War and suffered both defeatsContinue reading “Military cards”


Here are some distinctive styles of “POST CARD”. Otherwise, try my Publishers’ Initials Logos and Series page. Carlo Bassani Blum & Degen Golike & Wilburg Knackstedt & Näther K&N produced cards for a number of Scandinavian publishers in a distinctive font and wording. Source: Famgus Vykort Langsdorf Lichtenstern & Hariri Modiano The elaborate A inContinue reading ““POST CARD” Clues”

The Biograph Studio, London

THE BIOGRAPH STUDIO 107 REGENT STREET W. The Biograph Studio, photographic printing studio, 107 Regent Street. London, W. The American Mutoscope Company was incorporated in New Jersey on December 30, 1895. The firm manufactured the Mutoscope and made flip-card movies for it as a rival to Edison’s Kinetoscope for individual “peep shows”, making the companyContinue reading “The Biograph Studio, London”

Unusual cards

Stereo Views Fabric Wolff Hagelberg of Berlin published unusual cards including a Christmas card decrorated with felt flowers. Giant Cards Before 1918 ETW Dennis of Scarborough published a series of Giant View Cards, a massive 12.4 by 9 inches. John Tilley of Ledbury printed and published a series of Giant Photo-Cards, 8 by 11 inches,Continue reading “Unusual cards”